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Bay Fishing Reports
Leopard sharks, bonefish still good in San Diego Bay

We are getting very high numbers of leopard sharks in the bay right now. It is almost as good as last month. I say that only because I have been all over; lakes one day, mouth of the bay the next, then somewhere south of the bridge. So, I haven’t been asked to target them quite like before. We are getting some big ones though.

Bay Fishing Reports
San Diego Bay producing good fishing ahead of storm

I fished the last 4 out of 5 days in San Diego Bay. The water is warming up with surface temperatures around 64-65 in the mid bay and 67-68 in the back bay. Bonefish have lit up back there, releasing more than 10 many days – along with yellowfin croaker in the mix. We also targeted some spotted bay bass with good success on outgoing tides. Yesterday, a 17 year old client celebrating his birthday landed a 31″ halibut. 

The bite did seem to slow down yesterday with the incoming low pressure system. I am sure the bay bite will be back to full swing once the weather clears out. 

Bay Fishing Reports
Yellowfin croaker fishing great on San Diego Bay

With the coastal temperatures predicted to be in the 80’s on the coast, my girl and favorite fishing partner Rachel, decided to make the executive decision to make Sunday a casual fishing and boating day. I was not going to argue with that! So we packed up the boat and gear around 8:30am on Sunday morning and headed down to San Diego Bay.