Yellowfin croaker fishing great on San Diego Bay


With the coastal temperatures predicted to be in the 80’s on the coast, my girl and favorite fishing partner Rachel, decided to make the executive decision to make Sunday a casual fishing and boating day. I was not going to argue with that! So we packed up the boat and gear around 8:30am on Sunday morning and headed down to San Diego Bay.

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  • With no wind and the sun out full steam, it was not just warm on the water, but pretty darn toasty! In short order we were soon fishing in our boardshorts and bathing suits getting some sun and catching some fish. It felt great to be on the water with Rachel and the warm sun, almost like it was Summer again.

    The bite started just how I thought it would, a bit slow in the morning, but picking up as the day progressed. By 1pm we were in a wide open Yellowfin Croaker bite that was a blast! We would pull up and get bit instantly when the Ghost Shrimp hit the bottom.

    We ended up going through all our bait by about 3pm and decided to call it good and head over to the public dock to have some late lunch before calling it a great day!


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