Scheduled Fish Plants

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  • This list will be updated throughout the year to provide the most accurate information. Many lakes do not release their schedule in advance, so those will be added in as they’re released. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife, which stocks trout at many of the local lakes, does not release a schedule. Instead, they announce individual trout plants about a week in advance.

    The stocking schedule is provided here as an unofficial resource. has no authority over when, or even if fish are stocked. Plants are subject to change due to a number of factors, including but not limited to weather, lake conditions, road conditions, and funding.

    We strongly recommend calling the lakes prior to your trip to verify the information. See our lake contacts page for applicable contact numbers.

    Fish plants will remain on the schedule for a couple months after completion to provide a resource of lakes that have recently received fish plants. Older stocks will be removed periodically.

    Date LocationSpeciesSourceWeight (lbs)Notes
    12/2/15DixonRainbow TroutChaulk Mound6000Nebraska Tailwalkers
    12/2/15PowayRainbow Trout3000Lake closed 12/2
    12/4/15*Santee LakesRainbow TroutJess Ranch800
    12/6/15*Diamond ValleyRainbow TroutCA DFW
    12/6/15*MorenaRainbow TroutCA DFW
    12/6/15*MiramarRainbow TroutCA DFW
    12/6/15*MurrayRainbow TroutCA DFW
    12/6/15*CuyamacaRainbow TroutCA DFW
    12/6/15*SkinnerRainbow TroutCA DFW
    12/6/15*LindoRainbow TroutCA DFW
    12/8/15CuyamacaRainbow TroutJess Ranch1000
    12/10/15Diamond ValleyRainbow TroutMt. Lassen1000
    12/12/15*WohlfordRainbow TroutChaulk Mound6000
    12/14/15*JenningsRainbow TroutMt. Lassen2000
    12/16/15DixonRainbow TroutChaulk Mound1500
    12/16/15PowayRainbow Trout2500
    12/18/15*Santee LakesRainbow TroutJess Ranch800
    12/19/15*WohlfordRainbow TroutChaulk Mound
    12/20/15*MurrayRainbow TroutCA DFW
    12/20/15*MorenaRainbow TroutCA DFW
    12/20/15*LindoRainbow TroutCA DFW
    12/20/15*MiramarRainbow TroutCA DFW
    12/20/15*SkinnerRainbow TroutCA DFW
    12/20/15*Diamond ValleyRainbow TroutCA DFW
    12/20/15*CuyamacaRainbow TroutCA DFW
    12/22/15CuyamacaRainbow TroutMt. Lassen1100500 lbs of trophy trout
    12/24/15*Santee LakesRainbow TroutJess Ranch800
    12/26/15*WohlfordRainbow TroutChaulk Mound
    12/28/15*JenningsRainbow TroutMt. Lassen1000
    12/29/15PowayRainbow Trout1500Trophy trout included
    1/1/16*Santee LakesRainbow TroutJess Ranch800
    1/4/16*JenningsRainbow TroutMt. Lassen2000
    1/5/16CuyamacaRainbow TroutJess Ranch1000
    1/6/16WohlfordRainbow TroutChaulk Mound3000
    1/6/16DixonRainbow TroutChaulk Mound1500
    1/13/16DixonRainbow TroutChaulk Mound1500
    1/13/16PowayRainbow Trout1500Trophy trout included
    1/13/16WohlfordRainbow TroutChaulk Mound1500
    1/15/16*Santee LakesRainbow TroutJess Ranch2000
    1/18/16*JenningsRainbow TroutMt. Lassen1000
    1/19/16CuyamacaRainbow TroutMt. Lassen1100500 lbs of trophy trout
    1/25/16*JenningsRainbow TroutMt. Lassen1000
    1/27/16WohlfordRainbow TroutChaulk Mound1500
    1/27/16DixonRainbow TroutChaulk Mound1500
    1/27/16PowayRainbow Trout1500Trophy trout included
    1/29/16*Santee LakesRainbow TroutJess Ranch800
    2/1/16*JenningsRainbow TroutMt. Lassen2500
    2/3/16PowayRainbow Trout3000
    2/8/16*JenningsRainbow TroutMt. Lassen2000
    2/9/16CuyamacaRainbow TroutMt. Lassen1100500 lbs of trophy trout
    2/10/16DixonRainbow TroutChaulk Mound3000
    2/10/16WohlfordRainbow TroutChaulk Mound1500
    2/12/16*Santee LakesRainbow TroutJess Ranch800
    2/15/16*JenningsRainbow TroutMt. Lassen1000
    2/17/16PowayRainbow Trout1500
    2/23/16CuyamacaRainbow TroutJess Ranch1000
    2/24/16WohlfordRainbow TroutChaulk Mound1500
    2/24/16DixonRainbow TroutChaulk Mound1500
    2/26/16*Santee LakesRainbow TroutJess Ranch800
    2/29/16*JenningsRainbow TroutMt. Lassen1000
    3/2/16PowayRainbow Trout3000Trophy trout included
    3/7/16*JenningsRainbow TroutMt. Lassen1000
    3/8/16CuyamacaRainbow TroutMt. Lassen1100500 lbs of trophy trout
    3/9/16WohlfordRainbow TroutChaulk Mound1500
    3/9/16DixonRainbow TroutChaulk Mound1500
    3/11/16*Santee LakesRainbow TroutJess Ranch800
    3/14/16*JenningsRainbow TroutMt. Lassen2000
    3/16/16PowayRainbow Trout1500
    3/21/16*JenningsRainbow TroutMt. Lassen1000
    3/22/16CuyamacaRainbow TroutMt. Lassen1100500 lbs of trophy trout
    3/23/16WohlfordRainbow TroutChaulk Mound1500
    3/23/16DixonRainbow TroutChaulk Mound3000
    3/28/16*JenningsRainbow TroutMt. Lassen1000
    3/30/16PowayRainbow Trout1500
    4/6/16WohlfordRainbow TroutChaulk Mound1500
    4/6/16DixonRainbow TroutChaulk Mound1500
    4/12/16CuyamacaRainbow TroutJess Ranch1000
    4/13/16PowayRainbow Trout1500
    4/20/16DixonRainbow TroutChaulk Mound4500
    4/20/16WohlfordRainbow TroutChaulk Mound1500
    4/26/16CuyamacaRainbow TroutMt. Lassen1100500 lbs of trophy trout
    4/27/16PowayRainbow Trout1500
    5/10/16CuyamacaRainbow TroutJess Ranch1000
    5/24/16CuyamacaRainbow TroutMt. Lassen1100500 lbs of trophy trout
    6/14/16CuyamacaRainbow TroutMt. Lassen1100500 lbs of trophy trout
    6/21/16CuyamacaRainbow TroutJess Ranch1000
    1/10/16*CuyamacaRainbow TroutCA DFW
    1/10/16*Diamond ValleyRainbow TroutCA DFW
    1/10/16*JenningsRainbow TroutCA DFW
    1/10/16*MiramarRainbow TroutCA DFW
    1/10/16*MurrayRainbow TroutCA DFW
    1/10/16*WohlfordRainbow TroutCA DFW
    1/10/16*LindoRainbow TroutCA DFW
    1/10/16*MorenaRainbow TroutCA DFW
    1/10/16*SkinnerRainbow TroutCA DFW
    1/24/16*CuyamacaRainbow TroutCA DFW
    1/24/16*Diamond ValleyRainbow TroutCA DFW
    1/24/16*JenningsRainbow TroutCA DFW
    1/24/16*MiramarRainbow TroutCA DFW
    1/24/16*MurrayRainbow TroutCA DFW
    1/24/16*WohlfordRainbow TroutCA DFW
    1/24/16*LindoRainbow TroutCA DFW
    1/24/16*MorenaRainbow TroutCA DFW
    1/24/16*SkinnerRainbow TroutCA DFW

    * – Denotes stocking date is “week of” and not the actual stocking date.