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Lake Wohlford Fish Reports Jay-Norton-7
Lake Wohlford Fish Report

The Trout season is winding down as the water temperatures continue to climb. Powerbait or nightcrawlers are the baits of choice for Trout. Bass fishing is picking up and we are beginning to see some larger fish hitting the scales. Jay Norton (pictured right) of Valley Center had the biggest bass of the week at 7.80#s caught on a reaper in Boat Dock Cove. The bass can be found around structure and are hitting crawdads, shad raps, and dark colored plastics. Bass fishing is at its best in the early mornings and late afternoons.

Lake Morena Fish Reports Tim-Songal-9lb-bass
Lake Morena Fish Report

The largemouth bass are continuing to be found througout the lake. Some of the better spots have been Horseshoe Cove, near the larger boulders in Cabin Cove, the northwest side of the narrows and the point off Pumphouse Cove. Most of the bass are weighing between 1 and 2 pounds with the exceptions of reported 6, 7 and 9 pounders this last week. Brian Scott was all over his spots catching and releasing 17 smaller largemouths. Whatt Brookshire of El Cajon caught a 6 pound 2 ounce bass using texas rigged powerworms on the south side of Horseshoe Cove. Bob and Caleb Peterson of Alpine managed caught over 20 bass while fishing spawning beds around the lake, including a big fish of 7 pounds 14 ounces. They were using jigs. Tim Songal of Imperial Beach got a 9 pound bass on a plastic lizard near Cabin Cove. 

Lake Morena Fish Reports George-Burrass
Lake Morena Fish Report

The largemouth bass have managed to keep anglers occupied all week. Many verbal reports of 10+ bass per angler, mostly in the 1-2 pound range. Horseshoe Cove was the best for that kind of fishing. George Burruss, visiting from North Dakota caught a 10 lb 1 oz bass on a drop shot rig in Horseshoe Cove. Other good areas include the opening to Pumphouse Cove and directly across from the launch ramp. 

Little trout action was reported this week, as most anglers were after bass and catfish. Jessica Dillard fooled a 5 pound trout; her personal best. She also landed a 3 pound catfish.

The catfish continue to please anglers with many limits reported. Nightcrawlers are the best bet. Emily Stewart of San Diego had a good day with 2 cats, 3 bass and 4 bluegill. Crappie have moved away from shore and can be found in deeper waters around the dam using small jigs. Carp are being caught on a more regular basis while anglers are looking for meatier fair. 

Lake Morena Fish Reports
Lake Morena Fish Report – Great bass action

Largemouth bass have captivated anglers this last week. Josh Anderson of Coronado was throwing a texas rigged plastic worm in Cabin Cove when he pulled out a 17 incher. Ricky and Jessie Arnold caught bass in both Horseshoe and Paradise Coves with nightcrawlers. Dan Price and his friend Scott McLaughlin of San Diego both caught and released 28 lb limits EACH in Horseshoe Cove with jigs and crankbaits. Brian Scott of Campo was picking them up and laying ’em down with a crankbait all around the lake also. He figured he amassed 37 lbs with his five best. Allison Bush from San Marcos cranked in a 9 lb 6 oz beauty near the dam. She seemed to be shaking as we got her report and weight. 

Santee Lakes Fish Reports
Santee Lakes Fish Report

Santee Lakes was stocked with catfish last Friday. Santee Lakes stocks the most Catfish in San Diego. Lakes 3 and 4 have seen some limits of the whisker fish. Mackerel and mealworms have been working the best.

The Bluegill are plentiful in all of the lakes and are they will keep the kids busy all day. The Bass bite has improved this week. Tony Santiago had a successful weekend with his largest weighing in at 8 lbs. All Bass are catch and release.

Lake Wohlford Fish Reports
Lake Wohlford Fish Report

The Trout season is winding down as the water temperatures continue to climb. Powerbait or nightcrawlers are the baits of choice for Trout. Small to medium sized Bass are biting mostly in the early mornings and late afternoons. The Largemouth Bass can be found near structure and are hitting crawdads, shad raps, and dark colored plastics.

Crappie continue to be caught in modest numbers. Crappie prefer the cover of rocks or submerged trees in which to hide and are most often caught on Crappie Jigs or Live Golden Shiners. Catfish can be found throughout the lake but particularly at the east end right now because the canal is flowing. Lake Wohlford cats prefer chicken liver or cut mackerel. Stop by the ranger station for a dough bait recipe that works great on both Catfish and Carp.

Barrett Lake Fish Reports barrett-8-pound-bass-2013
Barrett Lake Fish Report – Opening week 2013

The opening week of Barrett yielded a total of 7,623 bass for the 251 lucky anglers to report. 241 bluegill and 29 crappie were also reported. Despite the report of lower numbers by some anglers, this year’s opening week actually exceeded last year’s report in terms of bass caught per angler; 30.3 vs. 28.3 each. The water level continues to fall though, with the lake opening 25 feet below spill level compared to 12.45 feet for last year’s opener. The lake was completely full at the start of the 2011 season.