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Lake Morena Fish Reports Ray-Holden-jr-n-Sr
Lake Morena Fish Report

We saw a little improvement in trout fishing over the past weeks as several rainbows haved shown up in a few anglers’ creels. The largemouth bass continue to be found throughout the lake. Plenty of 1 and 2 pounders were reported. Trevor Townen of Poway had the catch of the week with an 8 lb 6 oz bass caught on a plastic worm in Horseshoe Cove.

Catfish have also continued to please anglers with many limits reported. Nightcrawlers are the best bet, but chicken livers are also producing well. Ray Holden Jr. and Sr., along with William Purefog of San Diego (pictured) clobbered the catfish with limits totaling 41 lbs 14 oz. They were fishing near the boulders at Cabin Cove. 

Santee Lakes Fish Reports Dan-Duff
Santee Lakes Fish Report

The Catfish bite has been excellent especially in the recently stocked lakes 3 and 4. This past Thursday the Lakes hosted the summer’s first nightfishing event. Lakes 1 through 4 were open for fishing until 11:30 pm. 100 anglers with lanterns lined the banks of lakes 3 and 4 with a few trying their luck at lakes 1 and 2.

Lake Morena Fish Reports
Lake Morena Fish Report

Surface temperature is 58 degrees. A few degrees warmer in the north end. The water visibility is about 2′ to 3′. Little trout were reported this week as most anglers were preoccupied with the great bass and catfish bite. John Coffin of Alpin came back with a 4 lb 2 oz rainbow trout using nightcrawlers in Paradise Cove. The largemouth bass are continuing to be found throughout the lake. Some of the better spots include Horseshoe Cove, near the larger boulders in Cabin Cove, the northwest side of the narrows and the point off Pumphouse Cove. Most of the bass are weighing 1-2 lbs with the exceptions of reported 6, 7 and 9 pounders. Mike Fourman and John Fighler of Pine Valley caught and released around 20 bass with their best five totaling 20 lbs 1 oz anchored by a 7 lb 5 oz lunker. Seven year old Taylor Greathouse of Alpine caught her first fish (a bass) on the shoreline of Cabin Cove.

Lake Jennings Fish Reports
Lake Jennings Fish Report

Fishing was thru the roof!!!!!! Unfortunately catching was stuck in the basement. The anglers that took home fish stopped at Vons on the way home! That is not to say that everyone got skunked. Someone always gets lucky or figures it out. The reason catching was soooo poor: The winter solstice just occurred. The moon was full last night. An incoming cold front rolled in. The moon was dark last night. I brought the wrong bait.

Santee Lakes Fish Reports Jeromie-Jackson-santee-lakes
Santee Lakes Fish Report

Join us this upcoming Thursday night for the first of our summer nightfishing events. Fish lakes 1 through 4 from 5:00 pm till 11:30 pm.

Ken Hallin reeled in a respectful 7 lb. Bass out of lake 3 on an orange crush roboworm. Jeromie Jackson had a successful weekend releasing 12 Bass from lake 6. Largest weighed in at 4 lbs (pictured). Senkos and nightcrawlers worked best. (Lakes 6 and 7 are reserved for campers only) Reserve a site today!

Dustin Miner filled his stringer with Catfish from lake 4. All were caught on the northeast side using catfish dough bait. Raymond Paul caught 5 nice Catfish out of lake 3 on mealworms and marshmallows.