Shortfin Corvina

    Shortfin Corvina

    Shortfin corvina (not to be confused with orangemouth corvina, or California corbina) are one of the most sought after sportfish in San Diego Bay. These fierce predators hunt in packs, chasing bait fish up and down the shallow flats of the bays. Corvina in San Diego Bay max out at about 10 pounds, and a 4 pounder is an above average fish in terms of size.

    Corvina can be caught in both San Diego Bay and Mission Bay. Popular spots include Fiesta Island in Mission Bay, Tidelands Park on Coronado Island (San Diego Bay) Liberty Station in San Diego Bay and the sportfishing basin in Point Loma (San Diego Bay). They are drawn into the sportfishing basin by the bait that is attracted to the lights off the sportboats at night.

    They are popular for two main reasons; they are aggressive and known to be caught on topwater baits which create exciting visual strikes, and they put up one heck of a fight once hooked. Topwater walking baits like spooks or gunfish, or suspending jerkbaits are great ways to take a swing at catching a corvina in San Diego.

    Corvina travel in small "wolf packs" and move quickly up and down stretches of shoreline pushing bait. When fishing for them, its important to capitalize on your opportunities as they show up out of nowhere, and disappear just as fast.

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