White Seabass

    White Seabass

    White seabass are an extremely popular and sought after quarry in San Diego. They are inherently elusive and difficult to catch, making them especially prized. Most local white seabass are between 7 and 25 pounds, but big ones over 50 pounds are caught locally each year.

    They can be found in the kelp beds, smaller ones especially, but are most often caught in the summer months at night when they school up on squid balls off the coast of La Jolla. Live squid, especially in this instance are the preferred bait. Anglers fish the squid on the surface with a baloon rig, or get their baits down to the fish with a sliding weight rig.

    Seabass are also popular with spear fishermen, and are mainly targeted within the kelp beds in that scenario.

    See the Current Ocean Fishing Regulations for current regulations and bag limits for white seabass.

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