Yellowfin Croaker

Yellowfin Croaker

Yellowfin croaker are common on our sandy beaches and bays, especially during the summer months during their spawning period. They grow to just over 20 inches long and exceed 4 pounds in weight, but are typically 10-15 inches in length and less than 2 pounds. They feed primarily on small fish and fish fry, but also scavenge the surf zone for sand crabs, mollusks, clams, and worms.

They are most often caught by anlgers fishing small live sand crabs in the surf on a light carolina rig and spinning tackle. A decent population of them also exists in Mission Bay, where anglers using similar tackle and ghost shrimp can run into them.

In San Diego Bay they will sometimes school up in larger numbers chasing bait fish where they can be caught on spoons or small swimbaits. Usually if you catch one in San Diego Bay, you'll catch a few more.

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