First tripletail ever caught in San Diego Bay?

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  • On August 25th, while using an anchovy tail on a 10# splitshot rig, Luwana Martin (a client of mine) caught a rather unusual fish. In over forty years of fishing the bay, I had never seen one before. It looked like a bronze colored crappie. Being a cichlid of some sort, I really thought it was an aquarium fish that someone had dumped.

    I emailed everybody of fish authority I knew, and the first person to answer without any uncertainty was Lyall Belquist of the Coastal Angler Tagging Cooperative fame. He said it was a tripletail.

    Coming in from an out of town trip, and not landing until after 8PM, meant that Lyall could not physically see the fish until the following day. So, I called Doug Kern at Fisherman’s Landing, and he said I could take the fish to the tank in his tackle store, and Lyall could pick it up there. When Lyall recovered the fish, it looked really spent, so he put it one ice for Scripps to have in their non-living collection. This is the first tripletail they have gotten for their collection.

    I failed to take a picture of it next to a ruler, but it was approximately 12″ long.

    All of the authoritative folks involved have said this is the first Tripletail ever marked as being caught in San Diego Bay.

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