Chula Vista Bayside Park Pier Fishing

Bayside Park Pier is a small fishing pier located on San Diego Bay in Chula Vista’s Bayside Park. The park is open 6:00 am to 10:30 pm daily and features a concession stand, restrooms, and free parking.

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  • This pier is located in the southern portion of San Diego Bay, where its shallower and a sandy bottom is prominent. Because of this, the fish species most commonly caught on this pier are those that thrive on sand flats like croaker, small halibut, small rays, smoothhound sharks, shovelnose guitarfish, smelt, and leopard sharks. You might also run into the occasional bonefish here. Like anywhere else in San Diego Bay, spotted bay bass are also common.

    Ghost shrimp and other small baits fished on light line along the bottom will please the majority of fish found in this area, including the aforementioned bonefish.

    You can find Chula Vista Bayside Park at 980 Marina Way, Chula Vista, CA.

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