Ocean Beach Pier Fishing

At 1,971 feet long, the Ocean Beach Pier is the longest pier on the West Coast and longest concrete pier in the world. As far as fishing is concerned, the OB Pier is likely the area’s most popular – it’s massive length providing the full variety of inshore fishing.

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  • The end of the pier reaches all the way out to the kelp at times at a depth of about 25 feet, so fish species keen to life in the kelp forest like calico bass and yellowtail are more common here than the other piers.

    Barred sand bass, halibut, surf perch and the rest of the saltwater surf-zone fish are available as well. As with other piers, fishing close to the shore will yield perch and croakers. The middle portions of the pier will put you on top of jacksmelt, mackerel, bass, sharks, halibut, and rays. As mentioned above, the end of the pier puts you within reach of pelagic species like barracuda, white seabass and yellowtail.

    A California Sport Fishing License is not required to fish from the pier, and there are no fees or costs associated with fishing here.

    California Department of Fish and Wildlife sport fishing regulations are actively enforced here, including bag limits and angling methods. If you see an angler violating those regulations, you can report them to DFW Officers via their 24 hour dedicated line, 1-888-334-CalTIP (888-334-2258).


    The Ocean Beach Pier is located at 5091 Niagara Ave., San Diego, CA 92107.

    Operating Hours

    The pier is open 24 hours per day, daily. A free dedicated parking lot is available 24 hours per day.


    All the necessary amenities are available on the pier, including; a bait and tackle shop, fish cleaning station, concession store, restrooms, benches, lights and free parking.