San Diego Bay: From the south to the mouth



There are some great areas to fish south of the Coronado Bridge. There is a flat that is about one square mile located south of the bridge (highlighted in yellow). This is a great area for spotties and bonefish. I also like fishing in the flats by the Coronado Golf Course (highlighted in red). On the north side of the bridge, I like to fish the moored boats just off Tidelands (highlighted in blue). There is also a nice clam bed on the north side of the bridge east of the moored boats (highlighted in green).


The Channel edge on the east and west side are great for sand bass (highlighted in purple below). The last area I like to fish is in front of the Marriott Hotel (highlighted in yellow). The best area is at the cable crossing, but be careful of losing your bait. This area is great for spotties and sand bass.


East of the Silver Strand, there is a small island (highlighted in red below). The west side can be very productive, but watch out for naval security. On the north side of highlighted area, there is a good drop off that often holds fish.


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