A detailed look at the drop shotting technique


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  • This is an in-depth look at the drop shotting technique, and assumes the reader already has a basic knowledge of the technique. There are a bunch of articles available on the internet already on the basics of drop shotting if you need to get up to speed. This is not necessarily a how-to article, it is meant to stimulate your own thoughts.

    As with anything else, effectively fishing the drop shot to the best of your ability starts with preparation. You can prepare yourself to succeed by getting the right tackle in your hands. There are many techniques in bass fishing where you can probably get away with using improper tackle, but this is not one of those techniques.

    Deep water drop shotting is all about finesse; light line, small baits, and subtle bites. Because of this, the importance of quality gear is magnified. Everything from the rod and reel you use, to the material and shape of your drop shot weight is critical. I will start with what I believe to be the very most important, your rod.

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