Bag a bucket of bluegill


Bluegill are the “go to” fish when everything else is playing hard to catch. In other words it is the perfect kids fish. Not only that, but bluegill are very tasty. This is a very simple set up using nightcrawlers, red worms, or wax worms that can catch bluegills in every lake in San Diego.


Use 2 to 6 lb test fishing line. Tie on a #6 bait holder hook, and then pinch on a large split shot about 18″ above the hook. Tear off a 1 1⁄2″ piece from the lighter-colored-end of the worm (nightcrawler or red worm). The rest of the worm will live for days in your worm box if you keep it cool in a cooler or refridgerator. If you can find wax worms, those are even better and make the best bluegill bait. Put 1 on the hook.

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  • Cast your bait out and every 30 seconds turn your reel handle one turn. Moving the bait will help you locate the fish. Bluegill are found during the Summer in the shallow coves in the lake. When you arrive at the lake, ask the Lake Ranger where to start. If you don’t catch fish in 20 minutes; move, but stay close to where the Ranger said to go. They are there. Just keep moving until you locate them.

    There is a 25 fish limit at Lake Jennings for bluegill. Please keep even the little ones, there are too many and if we don’t thin them out then all we will have is lots of stunted (little) fish. So do the lake a favor. Take them all home. Even the little ones are easy to fillet and make great fish tacos.

    Use scent to increase the effectiveness of these baits. Scent makes sense!

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    Lake Jennings is an 85 acre lake in Lakeside, 26 miles east of downtown San Diego. This deep clearwater reservoir is known for producing big largemouth bass and blue catfish.


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