“Butch Brown Rigging” Huddleston Swimbaits

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  • Huddleston’s 8″ Trout is the most prolific, and one of best selling swimbaits of all time. It is still one of the must-own, must-use baits in southern California.

    But Huddlestons don’t come ready-to-go out of the package, yet I still see anglers taking them straight from the plastic bag and out to the lake. Legendary big bass angler Butch Brown came up with a way to rig his Huddlestons many years ago to get better hookup and catch ratios out of these incredible baits.

    There are several ways to rig the Huddleston, but the “Butch Brown Rig” is the most popular, and preferred by most big bass anglers to this day.

    So before you tie your new $30 trophy catcher on, follow through with these easy steps to ensure the bite of a lifetime, ends up the catch of a lifetime.

    What you need for the Butch Brown Huddleston Rig

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