Fishing trout teaser mini jigs


The Trout Teaser mini jigs are one of the best “all purpose” fish catchers made. Not only does this lure work effectively on trout but will also catch bass, crappie and bluegill. In fact these little jigs were called crappie jigs until someone figured out that these were real trout slayers. The beauty of these jigs is that in So. Calif. lakes you never know what might end up on your stringer when you cast these fish catching lures. I have even caught channel catfish on them.

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  • These jigs come in various sizes from the 1/64 oz. to the 1/16 oz. These small weights require the use of light spinning tackle and line weights of 4 lb. or less. Here at Lake Jennings we prefer to use 4 lb. test because of the larger trout that are regularly caught here. We also use the 1/16 oz. jig under the premise of “big lures = big fish.” However there are many times when the smaller jigs will out fish the larger ones. This is very true in the High Sierras.

    Unlike lures that have a built in action, these little jigs require that you give them action. This allows you more versatility. My favorite method is to cast the jig out, count it down until I get to the depth that I want. Next I extend my index finger on my rod hand so that as the line is reeled, it slaps my finger. This gives a methodical jump to the lure that is absolutely deadly. The lake manager caught a 6 lb. 8 oz. rainbow during one of our fishing classes doing just that. If you have trouble casting such a light jig attach a red and white bobber or a rattle bobber 5 to 6 ft. above the jig and it will work as well.

    Trout teaser mini jig rig

    Also deadly is a method which is known among bass fishing as doodling or shaking. Again the jig is cast out and allowed to sink to the desired depth. As the jig is retrieved the rod is shaken in little short shakes and using a stop and go retrieve. Again a very deadly retrieve.

    Another effective method is vertically jigging the lure by quickly raising and then slowly lowering the jig. The strike almost always occurs as the jig falls. It is very important to follow the jig down. If there is slack when the fish strikes you will probably miss the fish. Here again try lots of different variations. Most fish cannot resist the enticing action of the Trout Teaser jig bouncing up and down. Sometimes I will raise the rod only 2 inches. Other times I might raise it a 2 feet. Also be sure to methodically fish every depth, from bottom to surface. When you catch a fish repeat that same movement.

    There are lots of different color jigs. Two all purpose colors are pearl & gray and pearl. These will catch anything. However, the pink and pearl & orange and chartreuse are the trout tamers.

    Use scent to increase the effectiveness of these fish catchers. Scent makes sense!

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