Jigs in the summer


That’s right…..JIGS! There is a pretty good jig bite at El Capitan right now. The Bass are on the shad big time right now so you may be asking yourself why are they eating the jig so good? It has long been known that jig fish are typically quality fish.  In a lake full of 13 inch fish (El Capitan) putting 16 inch fish in the livewell can often win the tournament.  During the Summer, the “jig bite” is often overlooked.

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  • Most guys (and gals) are out throwin’ their favorite worm or reaction bait. In the Summer the fish just aren’t seeing alot of jigs right now. The fish are in schools/groups and they are feeding on shad big time. The “main lake” structure holds the most active fish during this season.

    Large rockpiles, main-lake points, islands, and deep channels are stacked with baitfish and bass. You can’t miss where they are because there will be 5-10 boats on the spot fishing the boils. I bet none of them are throwing a jig on the bottom. If you are chasing schooling fish and you keep catching 1.5 lb fish it’s not that the 2 and 3 lbers aren’t nearby.

    The small ones are the most aggressive and will get to your bait first. The larger bass are perhaps a little slower, lazy and looking for that easy meal. Like a big fat CRAWDAD. The Jig is a confidence bait and if you don’t have the confidence you may cast it 5 times put it down and go back to throwing that worm or crankbait. Go fish some main lake structure near the schooling bass and drag that jig around the bottom. You may find yourself catching those larger bass.

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