Lil’ Brownie is back


Written by: John Kerr

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  • The Fluttercraft “Lil’ Brownie” is a tiny bait with a giant reputation. Over the years, I have caught more pounds of fish on Fluttercraft worms than anything else I have used. And the little chocolate brown one known as “Lil’ Brownie” is my favorite. Below is a short description of each of my favorite ways to fish this incredibly effective and versatile bait.

    Dart Head

    The Fluttercraft Curl Tail rigged on a dart head is ideal for fishing steep rocky shorelines, especially those with rip rap. It is also an exceptional rig for fishing finicky breaking fish in open water during the summer and fall. Rig the Curl Tail on a 1/16 oz or 1/32 oz dart heat, fished on 4 or 6 lb test on a 7′ medium-light spinning rod.

    Light Carolina Rig

    The light carolina rig can be fished nearly everywhere, but it especially excels over grass. It also allows you to cover more water than other techniques. Rig the bait on a small #2 worm hook tied to a small ball bearing swivel with a 1 1/2 to 2 foot leader. Place a bead and 1/8 oz or 3/16 oz mojo style weight above the swivel to complete the rig. 6 to 8 lb line is preferred with a 7′ medium to medium-light baitcasting or spinning rod.


    Split Shot Rig

    The split shot rig also fishes well nearly everywhere, but excels around brushpiles and scattered bushes. Rig the Fluttercraft Curl Tail on a small #2 worm hook with a 1/16 oz or 1/8 oz splitshot weight 1 to 2 feet above the bait. This rig should be fished on 4 to 6 lb line with a 7′ medium-light spinning rod.


    Texas Rig

    The texas rig fishes well around cover, especially rocky shorelines and isolated cover. Rig with a small #2 worm hook and a 1/16 oz or 1/8 oz tungsten bullet weight. Because tungsten is denser than lead, the profile of tungsten weights is smaller making them ideal for the narrow profile of the Fluttercraft worm. Fish your Fluttercraft texas rig on a spinning or baitcasting rod with 6 to 10 lb test line.


    Drop shot

    A dropshotted Fluttercraft worm is deadly almost anywhere, but fishing them on spawning beds works exceptionally well in the Spring. Rig your Fluttercraft Curl Tail on either a small ReBarb hook or small nose hook tied with a palomar knot and extended tag line. Run the tag line down through the eye of the hook and attach a 1/16 – 1/4 oz drop shot weight with a 8″ to 1 1/2′ leader. The dropshot rig is best fished on 4 to 6 lb line with a medium or medium-light spinning rod.


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