Sight fishing for giant bass


Sight fishing can be the most exciting type of fishing and at the same time the most frustrating. Nothing gets the heart beating & knees knocking like when you roll up on that fish of a lifetime. Then only to have her eye-ball the bait from an inch away and then swim off time after time. Or worse, have it suck in your bait and spit it out before you have a chance to react, and then watch her swim away and never return.

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  • But if every thing goes right and you hook, fight, and land her, there is no better feeling than when you hold her in your hands, take a deep breath and say ” I got you!” That’s why I enjoy sight fishing so much. It’s a rush of emotions, with highs and lows; sometimes within seconds you experience both. So here are some tips to hopefully help you experience more of the highs than lows of sight fishing.

    Just finding the fish can be the hardest part. So training your eyes is very important. Sight fishing, like anything takes practice. Here are a few things to look for:

    • Tail and Fin movements
    • The white rings around a fishes eyes when it looks down or away
    • Black tips on the tail of a male bass
    • The lateral line or belly line of the larger female bass
    • The underside (aka white walls) of the fish
    • Shadows below the fish sometimes are easier to see than the fish itself
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