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Although I have been fishing for most of my life, I am a relatively young angler. My youth & ADD-fueled lack-of-patience drives me to look for ways to catch more big fish faster. I simply can’t tolerate the torture of soaking powerbait for hours at a time with nary a fish to show for my efforts. In addition to my condition, I am the only angler in my family. The only information I ever received throughout my early fishing “career” was what I was told by tackle shop employees. The advice never changed: take 2lb test, a #16 treble hook, a swivel, a 1/2 oz. egg sinker, and a gob of powerbait; combine ingredients in a large bowl and let soak at 40 degrees for several hours.

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  • Sitting in the cold for long periods of time with nothing to do is not most people’s idea of fun. My frustration led me to seek out new and more exciting ways to catch San Diego’s trout. What I discovered was trolling. Since I learned of this method I have been almost exclusively trolling so that I could refine my technique (set it down and drive around).

    Trolling is known to be a productive method for catching quick limits of large trout even when fishing is tough. I am writing this article to show those who (like me) lack the patience to soak bait how to catch a quick limit of tasty, DFG flavored goodness. I will start with the equipment you need.

    Almost everyone has their own opinion of which gear is best for trolling. This is what I use. Feel free to disagree.

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