Leopard sharks, bonefish still good in San Diego Bay


We are getting very high numbers of leopard sharks in the bay right now. It is almost as good as last month. I say that only because I have been all over; lakes one day, mouth of the bay the next, then somewhere south of the bridge. So, I haven’t been asked to target them quite like before. We are getting some big ones though.

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  • Also, the big bite distracting us from the Leo’s has to be the bonefish. Oh my is it good. In this case, I think the bonefish bite is better than last month’s, almost as good as November. While most of the above mentioned species are being caught on bait, quite a few have been caught on small grubs, and we are getting plenty of notable by-catches as well.

    The spotted bay bass bite is starting to get really good near the deeper water spawning areas. Look for diving birds to be an exception to this rule. Also under the birds, you will find croaker, corvina, and a few other surprises. I have said it before, and I will say it again, San Diego Bay is by far the best fishery in Southern California.

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