Leopard sharks established in San Diego Bay


It’s never too late to catch leopard sharks and other bay sharks. 

One of the joys of being a full time guide in San Diego has to be the ability to get on the water year round, and see the many different fish that may be caught throughout the year. Sure, there are the seasonal catches, and some fish are caught in better numbers during certain seasons. But all in all, you can catch most of the fish in San Diego Bay all year long. 

One of the most beautiful species that comes to mind is the leopard shark. I have come to learn a lot about this lustrous fish simply by being asked over and over if I could put people on them. Four years ago, I would have considered catching a leopard shark a true oddity; something that you caught if you got lucky. But, just as I have done with the bay bass, halibut, and bonefish, I have studied them, and found there are places the leopard sharks tend to gather, and certain foods they prefer over others. 

In the bass fishing world, we are constantly looking for a pattern. Since transitioning from a tournament bass fisherman to a full time fishing guide, I have found that the lessons learned about finding patterns for bass, can easily be applied to any number of fish species. The leopard sharks, and other sharks of San Diego Bay, are no different.

It is now that I can say you can catch a leopard shark in San Diego Bay on any given day, at any time of day, anytime of the year. Oh, and right now is pretty doggone good.

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