Rays, sharks, bonefish and bass please family on San Diego Bay


I fished San Diego Bay today with Bryan and his family. The fish were receptive, and we caught big bat rays, guitarfish, smoothhound, spotted bay bass, sand bass, and bonefish. It was a great trip. We started out for bass, caught a lot of them, and then decided to go target rays. 

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  • We had a 5-foot high tide at 7:30 AM and the rays and sharks were on the chew. We had two big rays, one was all of 60 pounds on 15 pound line, three big guitarfish, a couple smoothhound, and four bonefish.

    The spotted bay bass and sand bass bit in 40 feet, and also 10 feet of water. The sharks came in 8 feet of water, along with the bonefish. Grubs were the choice for the bass, ghost shrimp took the bonefish, and dead sardines got the sharks and rays. 

    The water was dirty with a surface temperature of 66 degrees with a lot of wind on us today. Overall it was a very good day, and every day on the bay has been good lately. 

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