San Diego Bay Fish Report


We have been catching bass on the Berkley Gulp Shrimp in the Natural color with 1/2 oz lead head, fished on 10 lb. spectra (braid) and 15 lb. top shot. They’re still kind of in the channel, 40 feet deep. The water temperature is dropping now, its down to about 71. The bait is starting to get back into the bay, and the fish are starting to follow that as well.

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  • We have also been getting some good halibut on 5″ smelt colored swimbaits on 1 oz lead heads, long-lined behind the boat.

    The sharks are playing around too, we caught a couple leopard sharks, a few shovelnose, all on cutbait — sardine heads on about a 1 oz sinker fished on the channel edges.

    We’ve also had some blowups from the corvina fishing spooks. We were corvina fishing a few days ago early in the morning on an eddy with a bunch of bait popping on the surface over about 10 foot of water and halibut started blowing up all over on the bait. We even got one on the spook! One of them had to be about 20 pounds, flying around on the bait. That’s something you don’t see too often. 

    The bay is fishing pretty awesome right now. And with the holidays coming, its time to get the kids and families out!

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