Blue Catfish

San Diego is home to California’s State Record Blue Catfish, a 113 pound 5 ounce trophy caught by Steve Oudomsouk at San Vicente on July 24, 2008. That catch broke the previous state record (101 pounds) which was also set at San Vicente in 2000.

With the temporary closing of San Vicente for the Dam Raise Project, Lower Otay emerges as the most popular destination for anglers seeking large blues. In 2007, a 98.45 pound blue was caught at Otay, so the thought of another state record coming from San Diego is not far fetched before the re-opener of San Vicente.

Lake Records

Diamond Valley56.80March2012Richard Stilliter
El Capitan53.50March2018Bob Baker
Hodges36.6March2015Don Gibson
Jennings71.3June2014Bob Bowden
Lower Otay102.9October2016Noy Vilanysane
Miramar49.10January2011Greg Pshsnychniak
Morena31.44  Kenny Barnwell
Poway47November2017Avery Lee
San Vicente113.40July2008Steve Oudomsouk
Santee Lakes39.25  
Skinner32.60October1991Jim Cusick
Wohlford49.30November2014Paul Voytko