Bullhead Catfish

Bullheads are often confused with catfish, mainly channel catfish. Three species of bullheads have been found in San Diego County, Brown, Black, and Yellow Bullheads. The Brown Bullhead is most prevalent, and can be found in large numbers at Lake Cuyamaca. Smaller populations of bullheads exist widely around the county, and the county record hails from Lower Otay.

They are much smaller in size than catfish, and have square shaped tails, whereas catfish have a forked tail. They can be targeted using similar methods used for catfish, like cut bait such as mackerel, or anything else foul-smelling that rests on the bottom. Bullheads at Cuyamaca are often caught by trout anglers using night crawlers for bait.

Lake Records

El Capitan1.87April1965
Lower Otay3.25July1982
San Vicente2.75March1979