Carp often get a bad rap in angling circles for their invasive nature. Not native to the United States, they are now deeply rooted nearly everywhere in the country. Among the complaints are that they destroy largemouth bass nests during the spawning period as well as ruining the water clarity of the reservoir.

However many anglers in San Diego choose to take advantage of their presence rather than complain about it.

Carp are extremely large, powerful and deceptively fast fish making them a worthy adversary. They can also be frustrating to catch, showing uncanny discretion toward efforts to catch them.

While they can be found in almost every reservoir, pond, and river in San Diego, the most notable destinations to catch these unheralded fish is Lake Morena or Lake Henshaw. They get up in shallow water at each of those lakes, making them visible to anglers who can make an effective presentation to them. Because of that, they are popular targets for fly fishermen.

Lake Records

El Capitan18April1977
Lower Otay25.00June1984
San Vicente42.00March1982
Santee Lakes40.00