Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout are one of San Diego’s most popular freshwater fish. The warm climate in San Diego does not support trout year-round, so they are stocked in the winter months at many of the local lakes.

There are several sources for the lakes to choose from, and each trout hatchery offers something a little different to anglers. Some lakes opt for quality over quantity, choosing a lesser amount of fish to be able to stock fish of trophy class. Others load their reservoirs with as many catchable sized rainbows as possible, trying to ensure that each angler leaves with their fair share of fish.

Because of its high elevation, Lake Cuyamaca is the only lake in San Diego County that offers trout fishing 12 months out of the year.

Be sure to check out our rainbow trout stocking schedule to stay up to date on when and where the trout are being stocked.

Lake Records

Cuyamaca17.5March2015Lukasz Szczedanek
Diamond Valley15.45March2009Andrew Aralos
Dixon16.82January2017Don Stephenson
Jennings17April2016David Corrales
Morena14.75March2011Brad Voigt
Morena14.75  Charlie Bievins
Poway17.875 1999
San Vicente15.35December1999
Santee Lakes16.5625  
Skinner10.2December1987Dan Newman
Wohlford16.25January1999Alan Vietor