Striped Bass

Striped bass, or stripers, are not established in any large populations at any of the reservoirs in San Diego. But they are common in the Colorado River and California Aqueduct system where a lot of the water used to fill the reservoirs comes from.

Because of that, incidental catches of (sometimes large) striped bass are not entirely uncommon at some of the local reservoirs.

There are established populations of striped bass at some of the reservoirs just outside of San Diego County, notably Diamond Valley Lake and Lake Skinner, both of which are capable of producing large stripers. The Colorado River and Imperial Valley Canals also have plenty of striped bass, but they’re not nearly as large as the ones available at Diamond Valley and Skinner.

Lake Records

Diamond Valley34.77April2012Nhan Doan
Dixon24.00December2012Mac Weakley
El Capitan11.95June2014Ted Becharas
Murray15.9August2017Cecil Brookins
Skinner39.50 1993