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    otay 7/18 mariah was in charge

    from the south to start for a half hour, then completely shifted from the north for an hour, then, wam, strong from the west! I was on...

    otay7-18-2018--btd 10 &dinks-shdsnko 007.JPG otay7-18-2018--btd 10 &dinks-shdsnko 015.JPG otay7-18-2018--btd 10 &dinks-shdsnko 023.JPG otay7-18-2018--btd 10 &dinks-shdsnko 035.JPG otay7-18-2018--btd 10 &dinks-shdsnko 045.JPG

    Forum: Freshwater Reports

    Jul 18, 2018 at 2:13 PM