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  1. shadman rated Rodmaster858's post Like in the thread San Diego Bay fishing (Before the storm).

    Hello fishing friends! Went fishing for spotted bay bass earlier this week before the rain started coming in. IMO, theres always a...

    Mar 13, 2020
  2. shadman rated dj thrillz's post Like in the thread Carrying gear.

    I have one rod that can do it all. Why not just find one that suits you for all styles and be done with the need for mobile rod storage?...

    Aug 5, 2018
  3. shadman rated Tomaso's post Like in the thread First Calicos of the Season.

    Been hammering the south bay several times a week lately, and decided it was about time to head out to deeper water. My buddy Larry & I...

    Jun 23, 2018
  4. shadman rated Daddo's post Like in the thread Child Camps.

    Good conversation from both sides on the issue. This is from the news this am, respectfully. [ATTACH]

    Jun 21, 2018
  5. shadman rated Paulito's post Like in the thread Stuff washed up.

    Maybe it was someone trying to catch a vegan lobster!:p

    Jan 15, 2016