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  1. Vito1023 rated Meezer_Man's post Agree in the thread 2023 Fishing License.

    I had 2 surgeries in 2020. not much fishing. =^..^=

    Sep 21, 2022 at 7:20 AM
  2. Vito1023 rated jus bigguns's post Agree in the thread Thought I'd try ghost shrimp.

    Mission bay is loaded with them. I can't keep them on the hook. I use thread to tie them on.. I prefer Bloodworms

    Sep 19, 2022 at 10:39 AM
  3. Vito1023 rated perch killer's post Agree in the thread LJOS 09.08.22 RIDICULOUSNESS (read AYOR).

    Was wondering what the hell you were talking about. Nevertheless, nice going on that tide pool chunker !

    Sep 10, 2022
  4. Vito1023 rated jjdbike's post Agree in the thread Beans and Yellow croakers make good Tacos.

    Thanks, Will do. Cheers! By the way, sorry about losing that bean... you'll find another one. I hear ya about losing sleep. Those are...

    Sep 5, 2022
  5. Vito1023 rated TekAngler's post Agree in the thread Heat wave.

    I was just fishing in FL in humid mid 90's heat. I caught ~20 fish in one spot and was getting bored getting ready to leave. A guy...

    Sep 1, 2022
  6. Vito1023 rated all day long...'s post Agree in the thread Fave braid for tossing LC's etc. for hali etc?.

    Jbraid is a good choice. The X8 feels smoother and more pliable, however, the X4 (stiffer) will help avoid wind knots until you get the...

    Aug 28, 2022
  7. Vito1023 rated TmoeBass's post Agree in the thread What are the must have swimbaits?.

    It's not a must have question anymore. Season, lake and conditions will drive the bait to throw. It's an evolution and a toolbox full of...

    Aug 25, 2022
  8. Vito1023 rated VinnyBass's post Agree in the thread Any recent Lake Henshaw intel?.

    All I know is that Henshaw was an amazing lake in the 70's. Caught lots of bass with my father on Creme plastic worms, Sonics, Bomber...

    Aug 22, 2022
  9. Vito1023 rated CorsoEnthusiast's post Agree in the thread Fluking the Murray....

    Nice work gentlemen! The mcfish and Vinny reports are my favorite part of this forum and I always look forward to reading the next one...

    Jul 30, 2022
  10. Vito1023 rated Easy619's post Agree in the thread It finally happened.

    Cool thanks for the reply. A year or two ago I started bringing a net when rock hopping and targeting hali or vina. It can get pretty...

    Jul 8, 2022
  11. Vito1023 rated spicymayo's post Agree in the thread Record Corbina?.

    when you open him up, please tell us what was in its stomach

    Jul 6, 2022
  12. Vito1023 rated Midnightpass's post Agree in the thread Lakes for Tilapia?.

    Yea, those wandering river boarders were good enough a couple of hundred years ago, but the definitive locations are pretty much set in...

    Jul 1, 2022
  13. Vito1023 rated MisterT's post Agree in the thread Halibuttocks.

    Nice catch especially on light line! :emoji_thumbsup:

    Jun 24, 2022
  14. Vito1023 rated Nickweissmusic's post Agree in the thread Nice pic anyway….

    bruh, are you saying 2 calicos hit 2 hooks on the same bait? That's what I've been saying, if predators need a posse to tangle with the...

    Jun 24, 2022
  15. Vito1023 rated Big C's post Agree in the thread 6/15- Murray: Timing is everything.

    Excellent! Even better to get that toad on topwater.

    Jun 16, 2022
  16. Vito1023 rated fisheromen's post Agree in the thread Slippery slope...?.

    Sutherland is a pretty small lake and it is getting smaller by the week. It is the only lake that offers a few days a month when I can...

    May 29, 2022
  17. Vito1023 rated VinnyBass's post Agree in the thread Slippery slope...?.

    .....and tubers too! When I fish I share the lake with whoever’s out there as a sign of good sportsmanship whether I’m in my boat or my...

    May 29, 2022
  18. Vito1023 rated camobass's post Agree in the thread The Bad and the Good.

    Nice to hear! Especially in the fresh. Helping a fellow boater stranded at sea is ethical and you don’t see it as often on the lakes....

    May 8, 2022
  19. Vito1023 rated spoonminnow's post Agree in the thread Got to admit - I'm clueless when it comes to d/s fishing.

    So many have posted variations when it comes to ds lures and opinions when the ds presentation is advantageous, but a few basic...

    Mar 27, 2022
  20. Vito1023 rated salt water guy's post Agree in the thread Biden Supporters...Well??.

    Remind me again… What’s the first casualty of war? Needed to rip that bandage off at some point... Was reading an opinion piece the...

    Mar 27, 2022