10/27 Lobster Bait

Discussion in 'Lobster Fishing' started by ryanhead, Oct 28, 2020.

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    Oct 25, 2018
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    Managed 2 keepers last night, nothing very exciting. Swell was horrible, small but steep. If anyone is looking for lobster bait, there's a massive volume of small macs and sardines 1 mile off ocean beach with small bonito chasing them around. There's so much bait that it's hard to get the bonito to bite, but if you push a little further south toward sunset cliffs and get away from the volume of bait, the bonito bit pretty well on trolled feathers and small jigs. The bonito have a strong preference for zucchini colored feathers. Someone on the radio said La Jolla is the same, tons of bait and small bonito that prefer trolled zucchini feathers.
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    Thanks. Time of day? Morning? Night? All day? Tide?

    Thanks. Geofish needs some bait!
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