For Sale 2 tube spots and parking for July 27th.

Discussion in 'Barrett Ticket Trader' started by jpablico, Jul 23, 2019.

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    1 Tube spot and parking for $20 or 2 tube spots and parking for $30 for Barrett this Sat, July 27th.
    Will meet and accept payment at the gate at 5am sharp.

    Per ticket trader rules:
    • Exchange of partial tickets - You must coordinate with the ticket holder the time they are entering the lake. Anglers are escorted into the lake at set times and all anglers entering on the same reservation must enter at the same time. Also coordinate whether you'll be able to bring your vehicle into the lake. Reservations allow for up to 2 vehicles due to limited parking. If the original ticket holder is using both of those vehicle slots, you'll need a ride with someone else.
    PM me if interested.
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