30 Ducks Down - 5 Man Limit Video

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    This video has cursing and drinking of alcohol while hunting with shotguns in its content. If this offends you don’t watch it. It is rated “Not for kids”

    Weather conditions were ideal for our duck hunt Friday after Thanksgiving. North wind about 15 steady with overcast skies, perfect. We had good amounts of teal and big ducks on the move right from the beginning of the hunt. We had been doing well in this spot so we had all of us in one blind for the hunt. Lots of fun cutting up, hunting, eating and some cold beer. We hunted until 10:00am.

    After the hunting part in the latter part of the video we have to back out of our spot because the trenasse we use we can’t turn around. The motor is a 2007 36HP Pro Drive surface drive with manual full power reverse and manual trim getting it done. She is still going strong after all these years with lots of duck hunts in the slop.

    The video shows us shooting 30 ducks which was surprising to me. Even more of a surprise was the very next day four of us went to the same spot on another good day for a duck hunt and shot 1 duck. Makes no sense at all.

    Numbers of ducks taken in that spot since opening day – 24 – 5 – 24 – 24 – 24 – 5 – 6 – 30 – 1 - 5

    Happy Hunting!

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    Very cool! William Ritchie you seeing this?
    I hope my boys and I can get into this soon.
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