4/13 Mexican Water

Discussion in 'Private Boaters and General Saltwater' started by MexicanPistachio, Apr 14, 2019.

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    After a long dry spell and the boat out of commission due to a batch of bad fuel I jumped on a buddies boat to catch a limit of yellowtail like everyone else on Thur. That didnt happen. Fished the rockpile with all the sport boats and everyone else. The experienced, the jacka**es, the reckless and the tuna pens. After a quick limit of small rockfish we moved to the N. Island where we worked hard for 4 yellowtail and 4 bonita. They bit on live bait and the yo-yo. Frustrating to work a chum line and watch a parker drive thru it but it is what it is. No pictures this time.
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    Sandy eggo
    Nice! Went to the rockpile on Friday the 12th and not a single yellowtail, not even a Bonita at least lol
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