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    I've added a handful of new trophies tonight. They're all retroactive, so if you've already done enough to have earned them, they've been awarded to you. You will receive an alert for any new trophies you earn.

    Several of the new trophies award points if you've started threads, vs just replying to threads. So awarding those people that take the initiative to start discussions. We especially love those types of posters!

    For a full list of available trophies, visit

    Please note, there are a few on there for "invitations" which is a feature I haven't rolled out yet. I've been working on it the last few days, just having a few bugs with the Facebook part of it, so haven't published it yet.

    Eventually you'll be able to send invitations to your friends via Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn for them to come register on If you guys embrace it, it would really help boost this community with some fresh faces.
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