All Counties Leak Detection

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    First off, Kellen thanks for this forum. Hopefully this will help the board sponsors get a bit more business.

    I wanted to tell SDfish members a bit more about what my business is all about. As my business name implies we do leak detection. I find leaks in water, gas, or sewer lines. With the equipment available today we are able to pinpoint leaks underground and to mark out the area that needs to be dug up in order to repair the leak. We are able to locate leaks inside or outside, below ground or above. It is done using a variety of different equipment that is very non invasive, and causes no destruction of your property while locating the source of the leak.

    We also offer color video inspection of sewer and drain lines, which includes a DVD with narration of what is being seen on the video.

    Another service we offer is the location of water, gas, and drain lines. For example, if you are doing a home remodel, the contractor may need to know where the sewer line runs in order to connect a new line into it. They may need to find the water or gas lines in order to connect to them or, more importantly so as not to hit them when they are digging. We will mark out all the lines necessary to help the contractor know where everything is running under the ground.We are typically able to locate water lines of any kind, including PVC irrigation lines.

    Any SDfish member who uses our service will receive a 10% discount off. Simply identify yourself as a member when you call in for service. If you should need any more information about our services, please feel free to contact me at 619-279-0593 or email me at

    Thank you for reading,
    Keith Silvia
    All Counties Leak Detection
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    This sounds great, thanks for sharing it.
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