Alrighty it’s time for this Arizona bass fisherman to get his gear for San Diego

Discussion in 'Bay Fishing' started by Honeybadger2038, Oct 11, 2017.

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    Question for the San Diego fish community. I’m all set up for bass in AZ and know a lot of what works here also works in the bay. I’m going to be gettin a 7’6 medium heavy Abu Garcia rod and a Penn Battle II 3000 for the bay loaded with 12 pound mono and a fluro leader chucking 3/4 ounce kastmasters.
    Also want to get a Heavy Casting or jigging rod with a Penn Battle II 8000 for duel purpose catfishing here and flylining on charters and fishing for rays and sharks in the bay. Thinking about 30 pound mono for the heavy rod with a fluro leader.

    Any help or advice is appreciated. I love this site and can’t wait to get back to San Diego. I’m going for a full two weeks next year
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    i think you're good with the battle II 3000 combo for the bay. you can use that for almost any rig you want to throw.

    i would suggest 20lb braid, then throw a topshot of mono if you really want to use mono. the braid would come in handy if you wanted to throw something to feel the bottom, like a jig or a dropshot. just change the topshot to a 4' flouro leader.

    i have a battle 3000 with a cheapo bps 2-piece mh rod. this one stays in my car at all times for those just in case im near water and have time to kill moments. its spooled with 20lb power pro and i use it for everything, even surf fishing. use it for drop shot, jigs, jerkbaits, t-rigs and c-rigs, just changing the leader for the situation. i almost have no need for my other more specific combos.
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    Good with the battles, would say to get a reasonable baitcaster as well for bay work (plastics, jerkbaits etc). Mount it to a 7 foot rod you're comfortable with and you will be good. I always recommend okuma, lews, pflueger, and cabo. Piscifun seems good as well, dunno about kastking, could be worth a look though..
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