Always good to check the success rate of tried and true lures

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    I fished a lake I grew up picnicking with my parents decades ago but never fished not knowing anything about fishing. The place is completely overgrown and unrecognizable but has its moments when it comes to decent size fish. So, last Sat. I decided to make sure to cast lure designs I've done will with on other waters - most of which I've posted

    I was fortunate to find a large concentration of fish in the north end after seeing small bait fish near the surface. Depth fished was 7', anchoring the boat for 1 hour and fishing in all directions at 4 pm. The water was glassy calm, water temp around 72 degrees:

    Got this +12" hog on a Beetle Spin:
    LhtgEZX.jpg 8DCWQKp.jpg

    ...and then went back to using my more conventional lure designs after catching 5 more fish on it:
    Mb2Qj8h.jpg gFZ59We.jpg g8jauhM.jpg ZhNmqyr.jpg FKVx6HY.jpg KVzltV3.jpg RP49O4k.jpg IOgueNy.jpg

    Even got a few trolling a Risto Rap and a sunfish on a crankbait in 13':
    nprNk62.jpg 9DeOkJ9.jpg

    Some things to take note of:
    1. the clear plastic hand poured curl tail grub with a bit of glitter glued to the tail used on the Beetle Spin
    2. The grub body fused with a candle rig both regular and wacky using a 1/24 jig
    3. 4" Kut Tail worm that caught small and decent size fish rigged on a light jig
    4. Crankbait trolled caught fish but only one fish when cast and retrieved
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    Hell of a session.. nice
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