Another partially boring report

Discussion in 'Kayak and Paddle Board Fishing' started by old_rookie, Aug 4, 2019.

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    Decided to take the kayak out this morning seeing that the surf looked small last night but there was a possibility the wind would become a nuisance.

    Short story got bait, tried some spots and came home empty handed.
    Did see two incidents of sharks' fins breaking the surface. It was very calm and very little swells coming through.
    Almost flipped at the beach, but was able to jump out and walk it in before any catastrophe.

    Covered about 7.25 miles. I included a pic of where I went this time ( which goes near the pier), and the time before. Lowrance doesn't time stamp their data output so all sorts of editing needs to be done since there was a bunch of other tracks before today. I don't bother creating a new trail each time I go out - maybe I should do that.

    Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 6.00.24 PM.png
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    Thanks for the report
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