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    I am starting to look for a good beginner kayak. Definitely under 500. Can I please have some tips on pretty much what I need to know to get started+(Rules/regulations)
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    Kind of depends where you plan to take it - lakes vs. bays. vs ocean.

    For bays I can say you want to be aware of any powered vessels. They really don't care too much that you are on a kayak - so keep a pfd on at all times - a properly fitted one.

    As for fishing, regulations are published on-line here and for restricted areas -

    For safety, PFD as mentioned above. VHF radio, hand bilge pump.

    If you are heading out to the ocean - best to take a trip or two into the bay first. Depending on your willingness to flip, pick a beach with surf you can handle. La Jolla shores seems to be the area with the smallest surf unless you start in the bay and go via the channel or harbor opening (Oceanside).

    I'm sure there's more, and others will probably contribute.
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    Look around for something used (craigslist, offerup/letgo, kayak forum classifieds, facebook market place), you will get a deal on mostly any kayak you can find. If you plan to fish offshore you are going to want something 13' or longer (unless you go for an outback, they're about 12' but they're ruddered and pedal drive so more capable than other sub 13' boats. I agree with the poster above, get a pfd and beware that motorized vessels do not care that you are sharing the water, you will be tossed about by their wakes, just keep your head upright and inline with the center axis of the kayak and you will be OK. Also, sit on top is the only option for fishing, Dont even waste your time looking for sit inside kayaks, there are gusy who use sit insides, but they are more dangerous and more for touring than fishing.

    couple of things to keep in mind:
    longer=faster (this matters for beating the current and wind)
    narrower=faster (see above)
    wider=more stable (this matters depending on your comfort level and balance)

    do you want a rudder, if so are you ok installing it yourself or would you like to buy a kayak with one pre installed?

    look for any splits or cracks in the hull (not scratches but actual through holes), and check the scuppers as well. check the keel and see if it is replaceable. look for kayaks that come with accessories, otherwise you will end up in a money pit before you know it with fish finders, and rod holders, and drift socks, and gaffs, and paddles etc.

    what kind of fishing are you going to do? are you going to need a bunch of storage? a high weight capacity? etc. your fitness level will also have a role in what kind of kayak you prefer, as its easier to peddle long distances than it is to paddle.

    don't worry if there isnt any kayaks you want for sale right now, in what i have observed in my time shopping for kayaks, they are always coming onto the market as it seems to be a hobby people get into hard and then get out of, or just want to upgrade, so there seems to be a constant flow of kayaks being bought and sold.

    Consider how you are going to transport the thing as well, do you ahve someone to help you load it up, if not you might favor something lighter and narrower that you can handle by yourself, if you have help whether it be manual or mechanical, this wont be an issue and will afford you the ability to use a larger, wider, and/or heavier kayak)

    as for rules and regulations, you are considered a vessel, so any fishing done from the kayak will be considered fishing done from a vessel, you must abide by seasons and limits as such.

    safety equipment i would recommend:
    sun screen/sunglasses/face shield (you are IN THE SUN the entire time you are on the water)
    PFD (need to have, i recommend the non inflatable type for reliability, wear it everytime you are on the water)
    VHF Radio (channel 16 is your emergency services) - not required (i dont think), but will be necessary if you fish tournaments where you need to call in weigh boats, also nice for communicating with friends/other boaters and calling EMS at the push of a button.
    Whistle (need to have)
    Personal locator beacon (not everyone has one but they are nice to have, you will be fines if you use this in a false alarm so keep that in mind)
    Hand bilge pump, or a sponge. if you start taking water into your kayak you will be glad you have this.
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    thanks you so much
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