Beginner tandem kayak (for lakes) recommendation?

Discussion in 'Kayak and Paddle Board Fishing' started by agrazela, Jun 5, 2014.

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    Wife suddenly got the itch to get a tandem kayak to take the (teenage) kids out on Lake Murray and such, mostly for fun and exercise and something to do, not necessarily so much for fishing (though that would interest ME a lot more :lol: ). She was thinking of picking up whatever that is they've got at CostCo, but reviews I've read are mixed.

    None of us have any real experience with kayaks. Anyway, looking for suggestions for a decent beginner tandem kayak that won't break the bank. She does have an Outback we bought recently that the seller threw in a J-style Yakima single kayak roofrack, so we do have that.

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    I started on a Hobie Odyssey which is like 14' and feels like it's going to tip over. Now I own Hobie Kona which is only about 12' and wider which is better. I let my kids (9,11,13,15)take it out by the Bahia all the time by themselves and they have a blast. I even let the 9 y/o take it younger cousins and no problem. Not a fishing kayak but I fished from it for a year before I got an Outback.
    Brother in law has the Costco tandem kayak and it also isn't a fishing kayak but does the job. Has a spot for a 5 gal. Bucket in the back so maybe bait tank? One bit of advice on this one, if going tandem, heavier person in front. If you are in the back, water gets in then you get monkey butt.
    Neither kayak has molded in rod holders but we both used Scotty flush mounts for rod holders and we're good to go. Hope this helps point in the right direction. Have fun!
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