Catching Crawfish

Discussion in 'Freshwater' started by cphan6778, May 23, 2019.

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    I have caught crawdads in the drainage ditch along Federal Blvd. If it hasn't been paved over, it's legal.

    Also at Eucalyptus Park in La Mesa. And Flinn Springs Park in Lakeside.

    Chollas Lake (must be under 16 years old to fish there) had tons of larger ones, which you could catch by hand by rooting around under the overhanging banks on the left side close to the dam. They pinch, you grab their claws and pull. Haven't been to any of these places in, at least a decade.

    I have good luck catching them in a couple of creeks that are in parks, but the rules in those areas specify "no collecting."

    If I were you I'd just do Lake Murray. Dunno if they allow traps, but I've caught buttloads of 'em using a piece of nightcrawler on a hook.
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