Change Of Venue.. More Furbag Fun

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    Decided on Mission Point this morning. Only reason why is because I was hoping to get into some clearer water. And I found it today. 70 degrees in the water.. clarity to maybe 6' or so.. outside temp was 72 and a taste humid. Overcast skies with the promise to clear-up within a couple hours at most. And it did. Lovely.


    Pulled out my fly line in about four feet of water and started drawing it out for the ledge which was coming up directly behind me. I dont think the flies had sunk any more than a couple of feet when line rips away from me. Not that I wasnt thrilled, but I hadnt even put my rod leash on yet. Skunk off.


    I was so focused I didn't hear the paddleboarder creep up behind me. I'm focused on feeling for the grab when I hear, Did you see that osprey up on that boat mast? You'd better be careful or he'll eat your fish! Oh hey, ya.. thanks for the hot tip.. and thanks so much for running your lovely little watercraft right over my fly line !


    Ran through the boats, south to north first. Took a few more over the next fifteen minutes. There was an older gent on a kayak cruising around kinda aimlessly. he was throwing a fly rod, but I couldnt tell what he was trying to accomplish. I never did see him latch onto a fish, and now I'm thinking I should have gone over to see if I could have got him pointed in the right direction.

    So I'm pulling flies along around the 14-16' depth.. and all of a sudden I see this freaking huge dark spot roll directly under my fins.. and I dropped my rod in my lap and pushed myself up on the air bladders - all in about half-a-second. Thought it was a huge ray at first.. but no. Stupid furbag. I never heard him blow air behind me, never saw him coming, nothing. Jerk. I'm sure all the fish had long since hauled azz with him around. But to his credit, he did leave me alone so I cant talk too much smack about him. Off he went, I grabbed a quick pic just to ensure my street cred with you guys, then got back to fishing.


    Took a total of 15 only today.. 1 Calico, 2 Sand Bass and the rest Spots.. biggest was by way of a double with both fish taping at 13". made for an excellent pull on the 5wt.. which I was so stupid to bring along today.. again. Clearly, I don't learn my own lessons.


    On another note, I didnt see any of that copper-colored algae/dust that had been frosting the sand a few weeks back. That's pretty much it. Nothing special.. just a nice way to spend a morning off from work.

    Off to SD Bay tomorrow with a handful of other flyfisherman friends. Looking forward to a great report with lots of pics.
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