Chicken Run 6-18-08 @ 371

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    SHORT VERSION: 1 Bonnie & 2 Chicken @19/36 north west of the 371 on small jethead and rapala. Taco meat north of north island. Overcast and wind all day. Slightly bumpy weather but fishable.

    LONG VERSION: Ran out of SI @ 6:30am. Fog thick as soup. Wind was blowing on the get go. Stopped by the South 9 on some good meter marks 150' down (maybe some of them BFT Tommy was talking about). Couldn't bring anything up. On we go in the fog.

    Trolled the 371 armed with small jet heads, rapalas, and cedars. Worked the area with Bryan (El Gato II), Max (@EZ), and Charlie (Chesapeakechuck). Got 1 bonie on ehe cedar on top of the 371. Found a temp break @ 19/36 with a 0.5 degree difference and trolled that. 11:50am Starboard rigger with mex flag jet head goes off. While shuffling, the port flatline with the Rapala Xrap Mag 15 in Makerel color goes off. Shortly, Kenny sunk the gaff on a 22 and 25 lb chicken--first albies on the boat.




    Boxed the area for 2 more hours and headed back to the islands. Fished north of north Island for some taco meat. Kenny picked up this tasty 4lb red:


    One final note, called out info too soon on the radio, while the fish was still fighting. We called out one BFT and one Alby, but the BFT turned out to be an Alby as well. Sorry for the mistake. Great day on the water with good radio company. Now on with chicken and taco night.
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    Nice Report, sure would nice to get out and try to find some of those Chickens.
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