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    I've been experimenting with clear soft plastic lures I pour and add to other grub bodies and the results are in: they catch fish!
    Some may think clear plastic, hard or soft, is colorless. Farthest from the truth. Fact is any lure changes color including clear plastic depending on background whether against the surface, bottom or too the side. Reflected light from above outline the top contour of a lure and inside the lure - the bottom contour. So in effect, available light always reveals both a visual shape and lure action thereby accenting what the lateral line reveals.

    Now some anglers don't believe panfish much of a test of certain lures bass might attack - but they'd be wrong. Fish will be fish and fish species don't draw the line between lures all fish are drawn to strike. For lure makers and designers as well as anglers in the market for lures they can depend on, catching fish is all that matters regardless those who claim some lures won't or shouldn't work for bass. Plus, many anglers have been conditioned to believe certain colors in certain lures should be selected for specific lake conditions which clouds the truth regarding the range of lures and lure colors fish may bite.
    Someone on a tackle making forum showed a plastic worm loaded with glitter and asked if it was too much. My response: if it catches fish, great, but in my experience a little goes a long way!

    In fact, I decided to pour some clear plastic design and test them: some all clear, some with only a clear tail. Water temperature and clarity once determined what I should use on any day, but that changed years ago. Knowing lure designs I know work to find catchable fish led me to test clear lures. This are examples:
    38uqvSE.jpg YeXJPKj.jpg
    The top and bottom clear lures worked yesterday as well as the lures shown above:

    Next to try out will be clear swimbaits and some other designs I know catch fish. This will emphasize again the fact that color is secondary to lure shape, size and action regardless of what some strongly suggest that color limits are key most times.
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