Cumberland zippers

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    After tightening a zipper several times the metal fatigue won and the zipper head broke. So I ordered a bunch of new zipper parts in a "repair kit" on Amazon. If you decide to get this product be aware that though they advertise that an instruction manual is included, it is not!

    Since the old head had broken off, I needed to cut the teeth on one end to slide the new head on. This was easy enough the new head went right on. But it did not zip the two sides together and was rough. Not good! So I studied the remaining zippers carefully and found that the zipper heads were installed upside down to allow for the waterproof tab on the top side. The kit included some double tabbed zippers for sleeping bags and/or tents. So I used one of those and clipped off the tab that would have been inside the storage area.

    For now, I have 4 working zippers and more knowledge than I had before about zippers. And Oh, BTW be sure to install stops where you cut the teeth! Doh!
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