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Discussion in 'Freshwater' started by gordon, Jul 22, 2020.

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    I got a site with one of those bare bones cabins they have in a couple weeks. I am interested in keeping the gang entertained.

    My plan is on day 1: set up and fish in the PM.Day 2: Fish in the AM then go gold panning in Julian and fish the PM again.

    I have very limited experience in fresh water. I'm not necessarily askin for your spots or anything but what would you target for maximum fun. does the time of day affect your target? Tips on what gold panning place to go to? Thanks for anything.

    ALSO is there cell reception at cuyamaca I have an important call coming in on a day I'm there.
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    I always have reception up there with Verizon, but if its really important... youll have to decide if its worth it.

    I am thinking of going up there as well. I dont think they have stocked recently for trout but they still have all the warm water species. They have a poaching program for Carp so they will give you free fishing or something if you turn some in. I would just use some 4# test with either an inflated night crawler or fly lined worm.

    This time of year, early light and last light are the best as usual.
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    I’m going camping nearby soon too in Julian.

    funny I have the same question as I have an important work call at 5am 8am East coast.

    What’s good this time of the year? I don’t what I catch as long as I can do it from shore.
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