East Cape - Jinks

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    East Cape - Jinks
    For the last four weeks our fishing has been somewhat inconsistent. With hard work we have managed to scratch 'em out and put smiles on anglers faces every trip. Now the tide has turned and gamefish are returning to the party.

    What has been amazing is our spectacular weather. I don't want to jinx the weather or the bite but it is all very, very good. Now, the middle of August, in the midst of our hurricane season we haven't had a tropical storm even look our way. Humidity is down for this time of year, seas are flat and conditions couldn't be better. So far there has been seven tropical storms form in the Pacific and there are three more brewing but it has all headed south leaving us to enjoy the paradise we live in.

    The waters of the Sea of Cortez are 85 degrees and a beautiful cobalt blue. Live bait has been easy to find and this last week so were gamefish.

    Now, there is a trophy cubera snapper. Jon Schwartz brought his 3 daughters to the East Cape for some bonding/fishing time.

    The sisters had a fishing trip of a lifetime. They didn't just land one trophy snapper, not just two,

    but three of these amazing fish. Ahh, you may think we passed one fish around for photos with the ladies.

    Here is photo of their proud father struggling to get them off the deck.

    Roosterfish of a lifetime. Accurate SR12 Twinspin doing what it does.

    Striped marlin

    Leopard grouper

    The action never stopped for the Schwartz family.
    So...here is an unbelievable story but it is true. Gary Barnes-Webb was headed down the beach on his way to work, oh heck, I'm just going to copy Gary's words.
    "A fish story. So this morning I’m tooling along the beach on my way to work in my side by side when I see a marlin swimming along the beach. I stoped to take a close look and noticed that the fish kept circling closer and closer to me. I also noticed it was dragging something ,as you can see in the video. Anyway I took all my clothes off(I was on my way to work remember!)and walked back into the water. Again the fish circled up to me. I managed to make a graceful dive and grab the lure it was trailing. I pulled the fish up onto the beach and freed it from the line which was wrapped round the gills and through the mouth. The lure had quite large shellfish growing on it so it must have been tangled for a while.
    So I had the honor of catching and releasing a marlin bare handed from the beach while stark naked!!!"

    Now, the story continues. Gary posted this photo of the lure he took from the marlin. About two months ago we had the mis-fortune of breaking off that lure while fighting the marlin. What are the odds?

    Vaquera getting ready to depart. The weather is here, there is no better time to go fishing.
    Mark Rayor
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    What are the odds, is right ! Great story. Those snapper are monsters, and I’m guessing they’re delicious as well. I normally see you dragging Halcos etc for the tuna, but what are you guys using for the bottom critters ?
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    Great post and story...

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