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Discussion in 'Float Tubing' started by captwoody, May 3, 2019.

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    I wanted to star a launch area post since I do not know all locations, easy launch means boat ramp or sand beach these are what I have discovered so far SAN DIEGO BAY
    1.tidelands park
    2.Glorrietta bay ramp
    3.Coronado cays- beach by causeway
    4. J st ramp or sand spit on left
    5.Pepper park
    6.Liberty station at ramp by corvette diner-only certain areas with free parking be careful, others have customer only signs
    7.Spanish Landing-Pay Parking
    8. Shelter island ramp or beach next to ramp

    9.Visitor center
    10.Fiesta island
    11. Bahia cove
    12. Santa Clara point
    13.Mission point

    I know I am missing a bunch so help me fill in the blanks not looking for launch off the rocks or docks spots already fallen in and killed one phone. Thanks woody
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  2. Werfless

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    The County
    One too many
    SDB (don't knowSDB well)
    Kellogg (sand)
    Coronado cays (sand)

    Dana (ramp, a busy place tho, be careful)
    Ski beach (ramp and sand)
    Crown point (sand, several options)
    Bonita cove (sand)
    Sail bay (sand, can be heavy wind exposure)
    De Anza Cove (sand)
    South Shores (ramp and sand)
    Vacation Isle (sand at lower tides only in south and north cove, all tides)
    Pretty much all the west side coves have sand access, with some concrete ramps here and there... That's all I can think of offhand
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    Farragut road at Liberty Station leads to a nice sandy beach where the hotel rents out kayaks. A good in between spot if you want to fish Spanish too, and not pay for parking.
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  4. Creek

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    Add this as an "emergency exit" as well as an entry point that gets you right on top of the bridge supports..

    The very WEST end of Spanish Landing where the old paved road winds under the bridge. There's a strip of sand maybe 25' long or better at normal tide that once you're in, will put you right on top of the bridge supports.

    One day (back when I was first starting out), I ended up getting pushed hard by the current, northbound from the boat docks, across the T intersection, then through the bridge supports and into the Liberty Station waters. No problem.. I like coasting and not kicking.. until I went to kick back toward the usual launch spot back at the main beach by the bathrooms. For the life of me I couldn't make any headway through any of the bridge supports - just too much incoming heavy current pushing me north. But I didn't panic because I remembered that little strip of sand on the east side of the bridge supports. Kicked through the current, got out, hoisted my tube and gear over the short fence and small bunch of bushes and started walking back to my ride. Took me 10 minutes or so of walking to get back to the main parking area (carrying a wet boat, flippers, fly rod and sonar), but I wasn't fighting current anymore so I was happy.
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